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Your Guide to Sample Collection and Shipment at CAT


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Our team will guide you through four simple steps for sample submission, ensuring a smooth experience and fast results.

Record Verification
Step 1

Complete Client Verification Form

Please fill out the form so we can accurately gather the necessary information for your project and note all important billing details.

* Complete this step if you have never done so before, or if your company information has changed.

Step 2

Check Sample & Shipping Guidelines

Not sure what the best practices are for collecting and shipping samples? Adhering to sample and shipping guidelines ensures the quality of your samples, expedites inventory time and improves turnaround.

Record Verification
Step 3

Fill out the COC Document

The Chain of Custody (COC) document is essential for fast sample inventory and verification. It ensures each analysis matches the correct sample. Please note, our lab team cannot accept and process samples without the COC document.

* Submit the COC using the link in the final step of this process.

Step 4

Finalize the Shipment

Before shipping, submit the Chain of Custody document and other required information using the form linked below. This alerts our team to prepare for your samples and accelerates processing time.

*Receiving information ahead of time can improve the turnaround time of your samples.


What Happens Next?

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect after you ship your samples


Upon receiving your samples, our team will match them to your provided COC form and conduct a thorough inventory. We will inform you of the acceptance status and contact you regarding any discrepancies or concerns within two business days of their arrival at our facility.


Your samples are handled and processed, following the specific data delivery schedule you initially established.

Data Delivery

This is the important part! The data provided offers genetic insights to help you make informed decisions that propel your projects and goals forward.

Genetic Analysis

If you have requested additional analysis, your data will be carefully analyzed by our genetic services team. We guarantee a comprehensive yet straightforward breakdown of the information, equipping you with the insights needed for informed, strategic decision-making.


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